Formed in September 2012, LameBrain quickly stole the attention from both music enthusiast and fellow musicians; especially those who are into the blues. Bandung has been known as one of the place where great musicians were born in Indonesia; mainly because its harsh critiques when it comes to music and although support will be given for newcomers, mean words will eventually get out when you suck. Thankfully, that’s not the case with LameBrain; people are prepared to have them on stage and you should pay close attention on this three young man.

Davis and Rama have an idea to make a trio after open mic session at Beat ‘n Bite, Bandung; they met Badri and asked him to join the group, seeing an absolute gift the other two fellow have, he has no hesitation to say yes. Soon after the formation’s complete, LameBrain produce their first music composition during the jam session, “Modjo.”

Currently LameBrain is on their first recording process for the E.P. due end of this year. Seeing their musicality proficiency development, you don’t want to miss them both on and off stage performances.

Up until today, LameBrain’s pushing themselves to experiment and composed music; you can check their music on their page. Despite their young age, according to all three, strongest influence in their music came from legendary groups such Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Tielman Brothers. They apparently also got other influences at home, Davis mentioned that he absorbs a lot of music from jazz swing, evergreen love songs and a couple of rock tunes. Those influences could be seen during their live performances prepared with song-list from various genres.

LameBrain realized that all of their efforts and the energy spent on their music won’t matter if it’s not shared with others. Rama, who plays drum from his early age, strongly believes everything happens for a reason; “I believe God’s never sleep, He gave us talents in music to be shared with others and I am happy to do so.”

They’re extensively looking for gigs; paid or not paid, small or big. LameBrain has performed in stages like Blues Platform, School Festival and some jam session in cafe.

While some enjoys the benefit of substances in creating songs, LameBrain does not. Our heart is the most important substance, we believe a clear state of mind will produce and deliver better result and so far we don’t find any difficulties.

“We are surrounded by great inspirations, whether it’s the bullying happens around us, those rooftop moments we shared watching the sunsets, or simply things that we’ve been through in life,” Davis explained and soon the other two agreed on his statement.

However, big inspirations also come from critiques given by their fellow musicians friends, some of them have been in and around the industry for so long and their words meant a lot for LameBrain. “We expect more advice and even a straight-forward critiques because we would like to be better,” Badri calmly explained.

Badri who had previously produced records while he was in an alternative band thought with LameBrain the process of making music comes naturally; the group bonds easily and appreciate one another, “There are times during recording and performing where we show off our expertise without having to compete or claim oneself as the best of all three,” he also later added confidently that LameBrain plans to be in the industry for a long time so you better prepare for them.

In the coming year LameBrain is aiming to play in more stages, some specific events such as Jakarta Rock Festival and Jakarta Blues Festival would be perfect. Another target LameBrain would like to achieve is to finally release an E.P. or mini album as soon as possible.

Preparations done by LameBrain included practices and experimenting; Davis, for example, is using effects such as EHX English Muff, Ibanez TS808, Cry Baby JH1, Boss RE-20 to find his perfect sound of guitar and Behringer FX-100 for his vocal.

Remember that feeling when you regret ignoring newcomer who plays in small unpaid gigs? Well, you don’t want to ignore LameBrain but if you do, please do not say that nobody warned you.

– written by Meity Fitriani

for the actual document, download at: LameBrain Band