If you ever heard about Indonesian students in Malaysia trying to make a peace using online media (twitter, facebook – you name it) during the “unofficial” war between Indonesia and Malaysia, spreading a cartoon character avatar from both countries signaling a harmony between them then I assume you are familiar with this not-just-an-average-girl.

She’s one of the broadcaster in Radio PPI Dunia representing Cyberjaya-Malaysia, studying Film Animation at Multimedia University (MMU). It may sounds like she’s just an ordinary girl but no – she is not and why is it?

Because aside from the fact that she just finished her final project, she is now working as a 3D Modeler, Render Artist, Animator and finally (now) a Compositor at Les Copaque – starting out as an internee, she is in fact the one and only Indonesian full time employee working at the company. Not to mention her other “activities” as a musician, and please don’t get me started with her hobbies.

Oh, and if I may quote to Jim Morrisson, “Where’s your will to be weird?” – I can assure you that this girl has an enormous will to be weird. In all positive way possible of course, *wink. – though I just have to mention that her laugh sometimes sounds weird, I’m never sure if she’s laughing or trying to and failed.

Anyway, I asked her to describe herself – she took her time before finally answered,

“I am a person who believe in changes without leaving my conservative side. I live my life by following the passion I have inside, though I think my skill is really mediocre. (laugh). I learn from my life-experiences. There is no regret of what happened, no matter how bitter it is because that what makes me who I am today. And one day, Insya Allah, I will enhance the 3D animation industry in Indonesia,”

Marsha Chikita Fawzi – or we can call her Kiki, has a lot in her hand. You can just google her name if you don’t trust me. I spent a lot of time figuring out what she really does through many question and even with my knowledge limitation of her world, I know one thing for sure, she is indeed an artist. 

Well, many of us may associate her with the famous Ikang Fawzi and Marissa H. but from our conversation she always underline the statement how she doesn’t enjoy the spotlight of being a famous couple daughter. Instead, she would like to be known for her own brightness and achievement which I understand totally. She is indeed a family oriented girl, she loves her family so much but not necessarily every time she accomplish something, it should be related to her parents status.

Back to her works, she stated how the knowledge and experience working in this field is addictive. It is hard for her to stop learning and trying new things which in my opinion will become one of her competitive advantage in the future since the process of learning is what will make you succeed. Do not be satisfied with what you have already know or do because there’ll be always more.

Another quote from her is,

Details make perfect animation

which apparently being given to her by Aras Darmawan.

That quotation made Kiki stalked children in the playing ground, watching them moving, acting and re-acting, studying how they interact with each other. The result of this stalking process (haha, I love this term, Kiki is a stalker so be careful – who know she’s watching you and made you one of her artworks) later on will be put into the millisecond frame. So, when you’re watching an animation, appreciate it! The animator such Kiki put a hard work so you can enjoy it.

Instead of moving the character, I’d prefer to ‘giving life to it’ which in my opinion will work better in reaching the heart of the audience.

Since my conversation with her was a very long one and most of it was about her works because I understand nothing about it, I tried to dig more from her words. And to end this writing, I guess this last statement from her will do,

I enjoy my life, the world I’m living in. I’d love to jump in totally in both field of music and animation. I feel as if I could deliver happiness to people from what I made, and trust me it feels great! So, I won’t stop here, I am just warming up.

So prepare yourself dear Indonesia, for a young talented animator who will probably bring change and development in the world of animation in this country. Who said that we don’t have enough talented people in this country? They are preparing themselves to awaken this country and Marsha Chikita Fawzi is definitely one of them.

Good luck for you my dear, learn from the best and we are waiting here for your next accomplishment.

written by Meity Fitriani

Bandung, 16th August 2011