Wise one comes 

It was dark yet so loud. It was intimate although it also seemed like I couldn’t really be sure what’s the reason behind all that sudden warmth. So I was left out with wonder, were there even other people inside that dark square room when the loudness suddenly silenced as if someone’s had come and put time on hold.

She makes me dizzy away

She killed with her sight

And then ruins fall on me

The carousel ride we never had shared. A lovely hope, that once was enough to keep us breathing and survive just another day. A miserable thought of the consequences and the understanding of how it might be gone within a blink of an eye. It is the reason of both your blissfulness and misery.

Over and over again, I let flashes of lights attacked my consciousness while my eyes wandered for that one set of light that would made the pain worthwhile.

Blue. Green. Red. White. No more darkness. No more silence. The universe was screaming, shouting, laughing, pointing us – you and me and the rest of the souls that were cursed to the euphoria – and it simply let it fell over us. The sweetest reality of the nothingness, a complicated simplicity. Fact that no one would be able to understand other than you and I. The end. The beginning. And whatever stood in between. We were broken into pieces. Pieces of loud memories that I heard loud and clear. It’s clinging to my ear.

She turned on the light
She make day so bright

And now the lights are off
and surrounded by inky dark

All of that possibility that we could have been and it could have been real. That deadly hopes that rise and fall and hide. Why didn’t we? Why did we? Why wouldn’t us be? Why? Why let us blinded by the light and loose ourselves with its spellbinding false path.

Let me breathe the pain. Let me be consumed by it. Let me crave it. If it was the only way for me to have you as a part of my demanding veins, the silence between beats of my heart. Let it be the kind of pain that drew a sincere smile on.

Friends or the enemy, Cos she’s the same stand in front of me.

Will she feed me when I’m drowned or she kills me when I’m young? I’m just sit here to catch and take much as you can throw to me. Don’t you know it’s not so great in here?

Let me tell you now a story of what really happened in the dark square room I mentioned earlier. It was one of the oddest moments in my life where I could finally grasp the real meaning of someone’s eyes; how it could actually fill your heart with joy and worries at the same time. And that moment when I caught the set of eyes between flashes of shadows, it felt as if nothing would go wrong. It couldn’t possibly. And you probably wouldn’t understand much, no matter how I am trying now to explain in words and sentences and phrases and metaphors; you probably wouldn’t understand at all but I don’t care. I wanted to share the feeling of missing something that never was yours nor would it be, yet no one could say that it wasn’t real because it was. It was real.

His hand held mine, long enough for me to know that for that once I didn’t have to be worried. We were real that night. We were nothing but one and no matter haw far he stood away from me, he wouldn’t let me feel that loneliness. I captured the most of my sincere happiness and acceptance. He spoke through his smile and I reciprocated.


Wise one comes and than ruin fall on me

We recognized the time to part. We let it fall on us and be the natural cause of what makes our soul beautiful with its pretty scars.


writer’s note: This is not the meaning of the song and definitely not me reviewing the lyric. It just something that came up through my mind each and every time this song is played. I know we often have stories behind various songs and consider this as one of mine.


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