In this period where we live in, there’s nothing weird about colliding two completely different things into one creation. One creation that is a product you love, and sometimes, you want to share with others. In this case, sharing means selling.

I met Vevetice a year back when one of my friend showed me a product sample of a pillow case. Yes, a pillow case.

So, the first question I had on my mind was, “Why would I need a new set of pillow case?” The answer to my question was not hard to find. Vevetica, – as seen on their web, or if you really want to be thorough, on their instagram that honestly looks very “inviting” – pillow cases with selected words, quotes, or even lyrics. And on their instagram account, you can see all of this beautiful people holding the pillow case, so you might want to check that out too 😉

On each of its releases, Vevetica consistently stick to a theme related to words printed on the pillow case and it comes with fun colours too! And of course, they use no other than Helvetica as a symbol of their deep affection towards it. Each articles sold out fast – bless the man who invented instagram – and they do not produce it excessively which I totally agree, because who wants to have same items with too many people right?

Some of my personal favourites would be the Coldplay and the Radiohead series. And yeah, I could always make one for myself or maybe just effortlessly try to find another person who sell similar products with lower budget but it just feel different. I do like how they chose just the perfect phrase or cut the right part of lyrics that I – and so many other satisfied customer I am sure – could relate to. In a world where personal preferences, boundaries, and even privacies are no longer yours alone, it is actually feel good to have that one thing that truly speaks up your voice.

Today, we could find Vevetica not only in our home but also cool hang-outs place such “Little Subway” that share the same feeling with us. Another collaboration might also surface, they said. But, all we can do is wait my dear, all that we can do it patiently wait until they release a new set of article and when they do, order fast.

And I also know that some of us kind of wishing they’re not only producing pillow cases but more. Yes, Vevetica, we want more of you in our house!

In the end, I could just rethink my first question about finding the reason to buy a new set of pillow case and then smile to myself and answer lightly, “I’d buy Vevetica, so every time I need a reason to smile (or accepting the bitter reality of a break-up), I could literally just pull one of my pillow and hold onto it to sleep,”


Because Vevetica is your personal voice within your home-decor.


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